8 Jan 2011

International Crisis Group : Elements of a New Strategy to Disarm the LRA

There has been a lot of talk in 2010 with the LRA Disarmament Act being introduced into Congress, then the historical moment when the legislation was enacted by President Obama. Things were sounding good, and hopefully they still are good, but from afar, there seems to be little effective action taking place.

There has been the release of the 'Comprehensive Strategy', which really only outlined what one would do to help LRA affected people...

It took 6 months to develop, yet what it entailed was predicted almost word for word. The long awaited strategy didn't really offer much of of an action plan... So what happens from here. More talk about the need to protect civilians. Spend another few years developing a plan to capture Kony. Really. So much time wasted deliberating on what may or may not work, when people are suffering everyday, praying for someone to do something.

I understand that it may take some time to put an end to Kony's reign of terror, but what take so long for troops, aid and peacekeepers to be deployed to protect and help the innocent civilians?

This was one of the major points in the recently released strategy... and surely it is one of the easiest to carry out. It shouldn't take another year for this. Too many years have gone by...

Now the atrocities of the LRA are known to all governments and media agencies around the world so their is no excuse for not attending to it as a matter of urgency, to the needs of the civilian population in areas subject to LRA attacks or to those previously affected by the LRA.

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