Mar 3, 2017

Worldwide TV Broadcast of A Brilliant Genocide This Weekend Only


The first broadcast starts in 1.5 hours from now!

Please check for updates over the weekend to confirm our airing times.  All times are in GMT! You can watch live from the website or phone app, or on Cable / Foxtel on the RT (Russia Today Global News Channel).

This is the last opportunity to see this film on worldwide TV. Don’t miss out.

Todays Screening on RT - March 3:

10:30am GMT  

9.30pm Australia (AEST)
12:30am Uganda
6:30am - New York

3:30pm GMT

5:30am Uganda
11:30am - New York

5:30pm GMT

07:30am Uganda
1:30pm - New York

Watch on live streaming here if you don't have cable TV:

Follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts as ahead of every broadcast we will be posting updates and reminders! 

March 4 Broadcast Times in GMT 
(times may likely change slightly so please check tomorrow)

01:30am (Aus 12:30pm)
06:30am (Aus 5:30pm)
08:30am (Aus7:30pm)
9:30am (Aus 8:30pm)
14:30pm (Aus 01:30am)
19:30pm (Aus 08:30am)

March 5 Broadcast Times in GMT
(times may likely change slightly so please check tomorrow)

00:30am (Aus 11:30am)
04:30am (Aus 3:30pm)
05:30am (Aus 4:30pm)

Mar 2, 2017

A Brilliant ‪Genocide‪ Screening Tonight (March 1st) at #BIFF2017 (Beloit Int'l Film Festival)

A Brilliant Genocide is screening tonight at the Beloit International Film Festival, Wisconsin!

If Beloit is in your radar please try and attend, as we would truly love to share this important, and largely untold story with you!

Time / Venue:  7:30pm sharp at Domenico's,  547 E Grand Ave, Beloit!

FYI:  Beloit is just 2 hours drive from Chicago.


A Brilliant Genocide - Official Selection at Beloit International Film Festival 2017 

Jan 20, 2017

Watching the Hawks with Sean Stone

Published on Dec 28, 2016
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Sean Stone interviews journalist Milton Allimadi about the hidden genocide taking place in Uganda and the 2016 feature documentary 'A Brilliant Genocide' which is the first of it's kind to expose the Ugandan regime for crimes against humanity including the most grave crime of all, genocide.

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Dec 7, 2016


UPDATE: RT will be streaming A Brilliant Genocide on alongside their worldwide TV broadcast on December 9, 10 and 11! 

As for the air time please check the schedule following this link on the day of broadcast:

It will show you the exact time slots when the show will be broadcasted in USA .

All the slots are provided in GMT so just use GMT to calculate the time for Uganda and other countries. I believe the schedule will be available right after 12:00 am. 

RT’s flagship, award-winning English-language channel airs 24/7 from the network’s Moscow offices and is available to more than 700 million viewers worldwide. It covers the most urgent domestic and international issues of our time for viewers wishing to question more and delivers stories often missed by the mainstream media to create news with an edge. 

Spread the word. #EndTheSilence 

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Oct 13, 2016

The Document International Human Rights Film Festival - Our Doc's Scottish Premiere!

A Brilliant Genocide's Scottish Premiere

A Brilliant Genocide
This is the untold story of how an African dictator has been able to commit mass murder and still get a regular audience at The White House and 10 Downing Street. A Brilliant Genocide is a political expose and human rights documentary that details the untold story of suffering and an unrecognized genocide against the Acholi people of northern Uganda by the current Government, under President Yoweri Museveni, who has for decades been staunch ally to the west. But has the West been hoodwinked by this deceptive devil in disguise, the face of democracy in Africa, the US’s strongest ally in the region and who Clinton once called “a beacon of hope on the African continent”, or have they turned a blind eye and knowingly been dancing with the devil for their own selfish and strategic interests?

Oct 12, 2016

ONE WORLD ARTICLE: Uganda government accused of 'the perfect crime'

Uganda government accused of 'the perfect crime'

3rd October 2016, from Daniel Nelson

A documentary accusing President Museveni and the Uganda army of genocide against the Acholi people in the north is being used to lobby for an end to US aid to Uganda.

A Brilliant Genocide argues that Museveni exploited atrocities by a rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), as a cover for his own “reign of terror” against the Acholis.
The film’s website carries a petition asking the US President to cut arms supplies and non-humanitarian aid, to ensure Museveni and others face justice, and to use sanctions and diplomacy to force the Uganda government to compensate victims of army violence.

After a film festival screening in London last Friday, Olara Otunnu, a Uganda politician, diplomat and former UN Under-Secretary-General and Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, insisted that Acholi culture and civilisation faced “existential annihilation.

“We must address how to resuscitate [this culture] gather the pieces – a Marshall Plan is not big enough for Acholiland today,” he said.

The crisis had been written about and been the subject of reports, but all had been “studiously ignored and brushed under the carpet”.

Director Ebony Butler has said that she started making a film about Joseph Kony, the LRA and the use of child soldiers in 2009 but “along our six-year journey we found some completely untold ‘hidden’ stories that we felt were even more important to bring to light …”

Those responsible for these massive human rights abuses were still in office today, she has written, and continue to enjoy “complete impunity for their crimes”.

Why the title? As an interviewee in the film says: “No food, no hydration, sexual violence from the soldiers who were meant to protect them. That’s why this was a ‘brilliant genocide’ – a silent genocide: perfect crime.”

-Daniel Nelson

Up Next:

The Document Int'l Human Rights Film Festival, Glasgow Oct 21
The 36th Cambridge Int'l Film Festival, Cambridge Oct 22 and 23
The Lone Star Film Festival, Dallas Texas (Sundance Square, Forth Worth) November 10 - 13
In December look out for the South Eastern International Film Festival (SIFF)

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May 14, 2016

Adam Branch on Uganda

Adam Branch during an interview for the film 'A Brilliant Genocide' in Uganda 2012.

Adam Branch is currently at Cambridge University however at the time he was a senior lecturer at Makerere University, Kampala.

Displacing Human Rights
War and Intervention in Northern Uganda
Author Adam Branch

Today, Western intervention is a ubiquitous feature of violent conflict in Africa. Humanitarian aid agencies, community peacebuilders, microcredit promoters, children's rights activists, the World Bank, the International Criminal Court, the US military, and numerous others have involved themselves in African conflicts, all claiming to bring peace and human rights to situations where they are desperately needed. However, according to Adam Branch, Western intervention is not the solution to violence in Africa but, instead, can be a major part of the problem—often undermining human rights and even prolonging war and intensifying anti-civilian violence. Based on an extended case study of Western intervention into northern Uganda's twenty-year civil war, and drawing on Branch's own extensive research and human rights activism there, Displacing Human Rights lays bare the reductive understandings motivating Western intervention in Africa, the inadequate tools it insists on employing, its refusal to be accountable to African citizenries, and, most important, its counterproductive consequences for peace, human rights, and justice. In short, Branch demonstrates how Western interventions undermine the efforts Africans themselves are undertaking to end violence in their own communities. Displacing Human Rights does not end with critique, however. Motivated by a commitment to global justice, it proposes concrete changes for Western humanitarian, peacebuilding, and justice interventions as well as a new normative framework for re-orienting the Western approach to violent conflict in Africa around a practice of genuine solidarity.

May 11, 2016

Kizza Besigye: The People's President [Uganda]

We interviewed Ugandan opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye a few years back when we were in Uganda doing research for our film, 'A Brilliant Genocide'.

We interviewed Ugandan opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye a few years back when we were in Uganda doing research for our film, 'A Brilliant Genocide'.

Here's what Kizza Besigye had to say back then about the state of democracy in Uganda and the electoral process (well before the last disputed elections this February 2016... )

Photo Credit: Echwalu Photography
Video by: Atlantic Star Productions

More videos and outtakes from our research at

CURRENT NEWS: [May 2016]

Ugandan opposition leader under house arrest to stop him holding rallies:

Kizza Besigye, who has ran for president four times and many claim was the rightful winner of this years elections, is being detained at home as police break up public rallies.

There is also a current media ban for an media outlet covering Besigye's Defiance Campaign.

May 8, 2016

Lyandro Komakech - The Rise of Joseph Kony [Official ABG Clip]

A Brilliant Genocide - Feature Documentary (IMDBOfficial Pre-Release Clip [May 2016]

Lyandro Komakech from the Refugee Law Project (and MP for Gulu, Northern Uganda) discusses the rise of Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony, in the 2016 documentary film A Brilliant Genocide. 

The groundbreaking documentary is currently featuring in festivals across America and Europe and is planning a TV release later in the year, exposing untold stories about the war and western complicity that is shocking audiences worldwide.

A Brilliant Genocide examines the hidden history of the Ugandan regime of Yoweri Museveni. It lays bare the atrocities committed by Ugandan government soldiers against the Acholi people of Northern Uganda since 1986. The documentary is a counterpoint to 'Kony 2012', a viral video sensation which brought worldwide awareness to the crimes committed by the Lord’s Resistance Army under rebel leader Joseph Kony.

Utilising a substantial range of interviews from prominent Ugandan thinkers, opposition figures, activists, exiles and émigrés, A Brilliant Genocide presents an unmatched and uniquely Ugandan interpretation of Uganda’s recent history.

More info and updates about screenings at

Follow and share A Brilliant Genocide's work and help to #EndTheSilence in Uganda and around the world.

May 2, 2016

A Brilliant Genocide - Documentary Film Trailer

'A Brilliant Genocide' is an expose of how an African dictator has been able to commit mass murder and still get a regular audience at The White House and 10 Downing Street.

More info and details re upcoming film festival screenings at

Feb 3, 2016

ABG Insight #4 Uganda Today with Hon Norbert Mao

ABG Insight #4 - Educate and Stimulate Short Video Series - #Uganda

Expand your mind, question everything and don't believe what mainstream media tells you.

Join the conversation on Twitter at @AcholiGenocide or on Facebook at ABrilliantGenocide

Featuring Hon. Norbert Mao - Democratic Party President

Music By James Brown

Created by Ebony Butler

See the website

STIMULATE & EDUCATE: Insight with Dr Olara Otunnu

We are creating a series of short videos and full length interviews for people to learn more about ughanda and issues relating to the conflict, and wider political issues. Its using the hundreds of hours of unused material from our documentary #ABrilliantGenocide.

See: for more videos and information about the film.

Feb 1, 2016

It is with pleasure and excitement that I announce the new title of our feature documentary… ‘Brilliant Genocide‘.
ABG Logo 1

After 6 years filming, researching and editing this film, it has naturally evolved and transformed into a much different film that we set out to make in 2009 when it all began. 
We spent 3 years on the Joseph Kony / child soldier path – and the issue of children / child soldiers and other related  human rights abuses that are of much interest to us – we condemn the use of children in war, and the abuse of any child in any way, in any part of the world. 
However, the film is no longer 100% focused on the issue of children at war and Joseph Kony’s war in northern Uganda. The film remains very much connected with Kony and his use of child soldiers- but along our 6 year journey we found some completely untold ‘hidden’ stories that we felt were even more important to bring to light.
What we discovered and continue to discover, is that the world has been fooled, as I was 6 years ago, about Joseph Kony and his war in northern Uganda. There’s another side to this story that has never been told, and we have been on a journey for the past few years to find out the truth and the backstory that has received zero media attention – and even worse than that – the people responsible for these concealed human rights abuses, are those who have been supported by the west for 30 years, and who are still in office today. And the West is still today supporting the regime, while the regime continues to enjoy complete impunity for their crimes. 
We have discovered that Kony, although blamed for the war and the suffering, is just the tip of the ice-berg. We have found that Kony did have a reason, a very legitimate reason, for his rebellion, and although his acts of violence and child abductions are deplorable, and in no way justified – he has a reason for what he has done, and in his mind his actions are justified. The truth that no one who knows will admit – will bring many people – the bigger criminals and the puppeteers who have orchestrated this war and allowed it to continue – to account. The people we have spoken with call the situation in Uganda ‘a global conspiracy of silence’. And what we will be showing in our film is that indeed it has been, and sadly continues to be so today. 
We are glad that Kony2012 was made and that it received such incredible success – with over 100 million views to make it the most watched viral video of all time! Kony 2012 not only helped to unravel more things for me, but it also meant that we could without worry abort the Kony / child soldier story as our main focus – it had now been told – because the original purpose of  this film was informing an unaware world of Kony and the horrific crimes against children that were taking place. With 100 million plus viewers and high international exposure, there was almost no need to continue along that line solely. We could have tagged along, running with the hype and could have attracted a large audience to our work based on the success of Kony2012 – but for me personally, that has never been my mission. Our crew moved on  knowing that we could now focus entirely on sharing a story that no one in the world is talking about, and that no one has really talked about – which dates back 30 years ago to when a minority group in Uganda, of the same ethnic grouping as Joseph Kony, were victims of the most horrifying and sadistic human rights violations we have ever heard of. The grave crimes against humanity committed by not the rebels, but the people who were in power and remain in power today, will shock you – and hopefully drive you to call for the perpetrators to be held accountable. 
We strongly believe Uganda needs a truth and reconciliation commission and an international, and independent investigation into the crimes committed in the northern part of the country since 1896 when current President, Yoweri Museveni came to power. 
There are people out there who have suffered in silence for 30 long years – and these people deserve the truth – and deserve some sense of justice. 
Peace in the country depends on this. Long-lasting peace cannot be achieved without justice, and for as long as the truth is hidden away from the world and avoided nationally, justice will also be on the waiting list. 
Next month Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is running for re-election as President of Uganda after coming to power through a guerrilla war some 30 years ago.  Yes Museveni took power in 1986 after fighting a guerrilla war, just like Joseph Kony has done from 1987.  The elections are expected to be rigged as per usual in the country – but now is the time for the world to stand up and demand he takes full responsibility for his actions over the last 30 years.
Sometimes social justice is more important than criminal justice. In the west we are focused on criminal justice, but at the local level in northern Uganda for example, they believe in forgiveness, they believe in reconciling with those who have acted against them, they believe that local traditional justice (transitional justice methods) should be pursued over ICC (International Criminal Court) indictments and so forth. Most are against the ICC charges against Kony and blame the ICC for Kony not surrendering and signing the final peace agreement. However although many in the north have opposed the ICC, they also believe that as Kony has been indicted and that the indictment cannot be lifted, that Museveni himself should also be tried. 
We are just weeks away form completing our documentary and hope you decide to take part in our journey, and follow the next 12 months as we try to get our story, the story of the silenced, out to the world. 
We will be launching a new website soon and will be releasing media regularly. We have hundreds of hours of interviews and material that we also plan to release as a public resource for education, and for other political or social endeavours. 
We will start by releasing two videos a week on the site and hope you get something from it and can help to spread the word and share the information to what is a hoodwinked generation. 

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