15 Sept 2010

Joseph Kony – A Career Killer

Solomon Akugizibwe: Joseph Kony – A career killer: "Who is joseph Kony Joseph Kony, is the rebel leader of the Lords resistance Army (LRA), his rebel group is well known for killing, abductin..."

Kony's brutal and elusive rebel tactics has continues to put the lives of millions of people in the four countries of South Sudan, Uganda, DR Congo and Central African Republic in danger. Continued attempts to sign the United Nations sponsored Juba peace agreement has failed to reap any fruits. His demands for signing the Juba Peace Agreement looks impossible for anybody to fulfill for a rebel leader who rarely follows his words. During the start of peace negotiations in South Sudan, Kony would attack villages killing, abducting, stealing and destroying people's properties in South Sudan and DR Congo villages days after signing the ceasefire agreements.

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