17 Oct 2010

TV, Films and Documentaries

Over the past few weeks I have seen a couple of interesting TV documentaries and some awesome films on DVD. I also have been watching Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Can't get enough of either show!

I loved 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and can not wait to go to the cinema to see 'The Girl Who Played With Fire'. I also watched 'Dead Man Running' which was quite entertaining... I have 2 new DVD's to watch tonight, one called 'Losers' and the other is 'Armored'.....

On the doco front... I saw the SBS (Dateline) broadcast of 'Hunting Kony'. It was only 20 minutes in duration and not at all enough for the topic they attempted to cover. But it was still done quite well and I was ecstatic to actually see a documentary on this topic screened on Australian TV.  We need more of this stuff and I am certain the timing is almost perfect for my documentary. 

Last night I saw 'Situation Critical' a documentary (1 hour) which was spectacularly done on a similar topic. The West Side rebels in Sierra Leone that took 11 British Soldiers from the Irish Royal Brigade hostage, during the time of the civil war. The West Side Boys reminded me a lot of the LRA rebels and seeing how the WSBs were taken taken down by the British SAS, it makes me wonder why no one has disbanded the LRA... Or even attempted to (except for African Military forces, but none from the US, UK, Europe...) 

The LRA I am sure do not have much time left, but everyday they continue to commit atrocities and women, children and whole communities are suffering. 

Although justice is late coming, it will come and eventually, peace will reign.

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