5 Feb 2011

Moving Forward in 2011 - Family, Friends, Floods, Focus, Films and Finance

2001 started out out great with positivity in the air.... Everyone I'd meet would say 2011 is the year for something really good to come.... For me I had been spending more valuable time with family and friends, while still focusing on my various projects, somehow remaining stress free.

Then the floods in Queensland started. A most terrible disaster that has not only devastated a large portion of Brisbane, destroyed major industries and taken with it many lives. Then the floods began in regional Victoria. What a mess... After just a week or so after the clean up in Queensland began, tropical Cyclone Yasi decided to charge through the Northern part of the state, the second cyclone in a week for the region, yet Cyclone Yasi was a category 5 cyclone, the biggest and most destructive cyclone to hit Australia in living memory. One of my best friends who lost her home in the bush fires two years ago, moved to Mission Beach last year, and that was the worst hit area with this latest cyclone. She was evacuated the day before and is safe now, thank God!

I woke up this morning, not realizing that last night we had flash flooding and severe storms, supposedly an after-effect of Cyclone Anthony that was the first to hit Queensland last week. I live in St. Kilda, where many roads and houses have been underwater, just streets away.... Had I not spoke to my friend this morning who's house had it's roof caved in, and hence, her home flooded, I wouldn't have known a thing. God bless the poor people affected by the floods and other horrific disasters.

OK so the weather is a huge issue, here and all over the world. Climate change, mother nature, karma for polluting the plant - call it what you will...There's nothing we can do about it now but clean up and help those in need.

Moving on, and trying to bring focus back to film and where I am at.... Well for starters my iMac crashed a few days ago and cannot be recovered. The internal drive is completely dead - if you have come across the dreaded 'flashing question mark' when you start up your computer, BEWARE!

Now, drama, drama, drama.... Surely there is some good stuff going on?

I have found a new office and studio for Atlantic Star Productions and Bikes 4 Life. It is perfect and I will be also teaming up with a a bunch of creatives and sharing the space. As of Monday I will be found at 165 Gladstone St South Melbourne!

There I can focus on getting creative again (assuming I don't get flooded and lose everything I own! ...the iMac was enough for this month!). My documentary on child soldiers, 'Child Troopers' is starting to really take form and I am hoping to make it to LA in a few months to meet some producers and people who were involved in financing 'The Cove', who happen to be interested in my documentary and want to meet with me to discuss financing and production! That's really exciting... At the same time, I am working hard on getting a shipment of bikes to Africa (see www.bikes4life.com.au or the page link above). I am also planning to make another documentary on Bikes 4 Life.

I am also trying to hook up an interview with one of 3 people from the United Nations (UN) at the HQ in New York. The interview would be used for my film so if all goes to plan, I would head to NY after my LA visit.  It's all really down to finance now. 'Money, money, money... must be funny, in a rich man's world!.'

I am producing a short film over the next couple of months with director David Raynor. It's called Dark Angels - I won't reveal too much as yet, but I can reveal that I am actually acting in it also. It's quite strange, as I am not from an acting background, however three different directors that know me well, are all wanting me in lead or supporting roles in their films.... I think I will do short first and see how I go... If I am a natural I'll do the two feature films offered - and then I'll assess what direction I want to go in. I find it quite humorous to be honest.

On a final note, until the end of summer, Atlantic Star Productions are offering 25% off all corporate and commercial video production, equipment rental and post production services. Acting, presenting and model show reels are at 50% - Any talent out there needing a reel should get in quick as places are filling fast.

Time to get back to the family, make sure my friends are safe, then return to watch the documentary, 'Shaking Hands With The Devil,' about the Rwandan Genocide or go and check out 'Black Swan' with the amazing Natalie Portman!

Peace to all. Over and Out!

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