24 Jul 2012

The Case for Justice - ICTJ Documentary

Check out this insightful, though provoking and wonderfully crafted documentary: 'The Case for Justice'. The documentary explores transitional justice mechanisms and the significance of social and political justice to ensure sustainable and long-lasting peace in post conflict countries that are transitioning from dictatorship to democracy. It centers on the importance of truth telling, reparation, reconciliation and dignity of the victims, claiming that these elements are vital for sustainable democracy, development, security and peace. It argues that oppressors and violators of human rights must be held accountable for their actions in the past or in the present, as victims need the truth to be able to heal from trauma associated with victimization, violence, suffering and other forms of injustice and repression inflicted on them and their families. 

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Why pursue transitional justice in the aftermath of massive human rights violations? "The Case for Justice" provides a window into the debate about the relevance of transitional justice in today's world.

The complexity of this debate is best illustrated by the different myths that abound within it. Some contend transitional justice is "soft justice," an alternative to pursuing criminal justice in the wake of mass atrocities or repression; others equate it solely with criminal trials, fully focused on perpetrators. Some view it as a key obstacle to reaching successful peace agreements; others regard it as a kind of a magic wand, a quick cure for the scars of war and abuse.

In fact, the field of transitional justice recognizes that without accountability for massive human rights abuses, societies have little hope of avoiding the recurrence of conflict or building sustainable peace.

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