14 Nov 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!

Well, a few months have passed, so quickly it seems!

We've been traveling the world, buying new equipment, working on new projects, setting up new offices and studios and getting ready for our final stage of production for our documentary, Child Troopers.

One of our most favourite purchase of recent times was in Hong Kong where we bought the Canon 5D Mark 3 camera and some lenses to go with it. We were going to wait for the release of the Black Magic Cinema Camera, but we just couldn't, and will look into getting a Black Magic next year! Our other majorly cool purchase of late was the top of the line Mac system, spec'd out beyond belief, and is basically the most kick ass system we have ever set our eyes on. It's currently being built and should be here within the next few days. Yeahhhh!!

The team are also heading to New Zealand and the Uk in the coming months to  undertake some more interviews for our documentary, Child Troopers. (www.childtroopers.com) There is also one last trip to Uganda planned for early 2013.

Our new office is located in South Yarra and we are working on setting up a green screen studio at our Richmond warehouse in the near future.

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