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Green Screen Music Video Shoot with Chelsea Wheatley

  • Film and Video Production for TV, Web, DVD & Mobile Platforms
  • Corporate Films, Training Videos, Promotional Videos, Showreels, TV / Web Ads, Short & Feature Films, Documentaries, Activism Campaigns, Live & Special Events and Personal Videos.
  • Creative Direction & Development
  • DVD Duplication, Mastering and DVD Authoring
  • Editing and Post Production 
  • Graphic Design / Film Credits / VFX

  • Cinematography / Camera Operating
  • Photography
  • Script Writing & Story Development
  • Production Management
  • Event Management / PR Media Campaigns & Outreach
  • Casting & Crewing 
  • Equipment Rental
  • TV Pilots & Film Trailers / Teasers

Rental Equipment List:

  • Sony EX3 HD Camera with 3 Sony BPU Batteries and Charger
  • SxS (Solid State) Memory Cards (8GB, 16GB and 32GB)
  • Ikan Field Monitor with Stand
  • Lowell Pro DV Creator Lighting Kit
  • 6 Way Reflector Kit
  • Ambience Carbon Fibre Boom Pole and C-Stand
  • Sennheiser Wireless Lapel Mics
  • Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Microphone
  • Rode NTG3 Shotgun Microphone
  • 3 Channel Audio Mixer
  • Zoom H4 Audio Recorder
  • Miller DS10 Two Stage Tripod with Fluid Head
  • Sony Condenser Microphone
  • Quality Pelican, Tenba and Petrol Protection Bags & Cases

Please contact Ebony at Atlantic Star for more information or to request a quote.

                      Do you need: models; actors; sound designers; 
                 camera operators, SFX editors or producers? 

                 Atlantic Star has an extensive database of
                 talent and film/TV industry professionals.

Fernanda Ramos
Mo Dirani
Vince Colosimo
Dale Reeves
Darren Ritchie
Kate Neilson

We can work from concept to creation bringing your idea to to the screen or we can work in collaboration with you during any stage of production. You can also contract us for one particular part of production that you require assistance in.
Please contact us to discuss how Atlantic Star can be of assistance to you.

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